You Can Call Me Shaye

Jenny’s snark tho… I hope she’s saved some for the Mediocranes too. 


The only scene worth watching. Well, this one and Abbie fighting the Horsemen.


is there a way to blacklist posts with shippy celebrations of “my faith in you is my greatest weakness”

because i need it

Ha. I don’t even think it was meant as shipper bait, tbh. Abbie was basically telling Ichabod that her faith in him almost caused her to do something misguided and reckless. Seemed like Katrina shade to me. Hence, Ichabod’s “do you think Katrina is my weakness” inquiry. But even if the intent was to give Ichabbie fans a reason to swoon, I couldn’t take the bait because Ichabod is not worthy of Abbie having blind faith in him. He is not worthy of Abbie, period. I’m going to need him (and the writers) to abandon the “save Katrina” shit and lose some of the arrogance before I can go back into 100% Ichabbie shipper mode. Right now, I’m looking for other men to ship Abbie with. 


its okay tom, you tried


its okay tom, you tried




why the fuck Abbie didn’t tell Irving when she sat down w/ him to ask for the head that Henry Parish is both Jeremy Crane AND the fucking Horseman of War?! …. Like that was a pretty important ass piece of information that they neglected to share with him.

Him getting tricked into signing that…

I have no explanation for it. Expect that maybe Abbie got the Katrina treatment. *shrugs* Not surprised exactly, it isn’t the the first time they under wrote Abbie in order to satisfy where they wanted to take the plot. Remember her reaction to Crane redrawing the map.

Underwriting Abbie to benefit the Cranes is a very nasty habit of this show.



I needed to know that I still have some trace of free will left. You remind me that I am human.


People that tag their Marian hate in the Maid Marian tag—


I was gonna make a post about this because it’s really gotten out of control. Do folks really think Marian fans want to go in her tag and read about how you want her to die because she’s getting in the way of your ship? Then again, these ppl are only thinking about themselves and how their ship is endgame. Such entitled asses. 

Lady “Badass” Marian  (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Everyone has been asking for this…so here ;D

Lol I’m 99.9% certain the script read, “Ichabod kisses Katrina passionately.” Cause this totally looks like two actors trying to display passion but the kiss itself is flat, stale, meh…just like the couple.