You Can Call Me Shaye

Regina + smiling when Robin’s not looking. 

This is the most beautiful thing someone has ever said about Lana.

This is the most beautiful thing someone has ever said about Lana.

You can’t steal something that’s been given to you.


i  t h i n k  d e e p  d o w n  y o u  a c t u a l l y  w a n t  t o  t a l k  a b o u t  w h a t ’ s  i n  t h e r e


Awkward Mayor Mills.

Late to the party but, I just realized that Regina literally elbowed Tink to shut the hell up XD













ok i hate doing this but NO






You are aware that Sean Maguire’s tenure with the…

Regardless on whether or not SM will return during season four, none of us know how OQ will play out. The fact that SM is encouraging fans on Twitter to make noise for his return tells me that all might not be as it seems with OQ. Since, if they were indeed a canon couple by the end of season three, why would he even doubt his return? In the end, all of these are speculations and we will see what happens in the end. Though, I’d like to point out that there is a difference between soul mate and true love. If there weren’t, I’m sure the show would have used true love to describe OQ. Also, LP did say in an interview that not all is at it seems with her romance with RH. So how about we wait and see? We will never agree on this, and that shouldn’t be a problem. What I find a problem is the OP’s original post. It’s both rude and childish and accomplishes nothing but upset people and put them on the defensive. But maybe that was her intent all along.

In this case, I don’t see any difference between soulmate and true love. Regardless, it’s pretty obvious to me that OQ is headed towards coupledom. I mean, she literally gave him her heart. If you don’t think that screams canon, I don’t know what to tell you, lol. As for Lana, I don’t think she was implying anything bad about Robin or OQ. After all, she is a big shipper of the pairing and has had nothing but good things to say about them. I also see nothing questionable about Sean encouraging fans to support him on the show. It’s pretty smart, actually, considering he is new to the show and likely wants to build a larger fanbase. I certainly don’t think it implies that he isn’t returning. What, then, would be the point of encouraging said fans? 

Again, that’s your perception. It might be true, or maybe not. I find OQ rushed, regardless of my own personal shipping preferences. This leads me to believe that not all is as it seems with that story line. An I right? We will see. But I have the right to my perception and opinion, just like you do. We don’t have to agree here. As for LP being positive about the ship. Sorry, but it’s her job. She might very well like the ship, but personally, I don’t make assumptions on people’s preferences based on them doing their job.

I personally find SM’s behavior of encouraging fans to tweet Adam to voice their support for making him a regular lame, and it would turn me off of him in Adam’s shoes. But again, that’s a matter of perception and preferences.

RH was not planned to be Regina’s love interest. They even changed the actor and added the lion tattoo. This doesn’t mean that it’s 100 percent sure he won’t be her true love, but to me it points that way. To me, OQ relates more to the plot of season three than singles them out as a true love couple. Even if they will be a couple by the end of season three, that doesn’t make them endgame. That doesn’t mean they will still be together by the end of the show. For that, we again will have to wait and see.

Yes, a show that this far has only used the term true love when referring to destined, true love couples, suddenly using the term soul mate instead is surely meaningless.

How exactly are they rushed? They haven’t kissed, they haven’t admitted any feelings, they haven’t went on a date…hell, they haven’t even shared that drink yet, lol Not to mention that Robin is still in the dark about who Regina is in relation to him. So yeah, I’m not buying the “rushed” argument. 

It’s LP’s job to say “the one with the lion tattoo is Regina’s true love?” Ha. As you’ve noted, that is more than the writers have stated thus far.  

As for Sean, if he’s getting tweets from fans hoping he’s made a regular, what should he tell them, other than to tweet the showrunners and let them know? Seems like common sense to me.  

The fact the show changed actors and gave RH a lion tattoo actually spells investment in the character and in OQ. To think he would be dubbed Regina’s soulmate, her perfect match, her second chance at love and happiness and not have a larger, lasting importance and purpose is indeed wishful thinking, IMO. 

She gave him her heart after knowing him for five minutes. She is usually really guarded and doesn’t trust easily. Suddenly it’s all different with RH? She shared her thoughts and feeling with him after just meeting him? Yeah, sorry, their set up is rushed to me. And I know I am not the only one who perceives it as such. Just like I know you’re not the only one who doesn’t agree. Again, a matter of perception.

Also, he referred to her as “your majesty” outside of the WW house. Just like she told him to address her in FTL. I find that suspicious. I think he remembers the last year. He always appears out of nowhere. I know you like OQ and so you will perceive this differently. That is cool. As I said, we all see different things. But the difference is, you don’t even entertain the notion that you could be wrong. And we will see in the end if everything is as clear cut as you think. Fiction so rarely contains surprises. I get that.

LP was asked who is her true love, Emma or Robin, and she said the one with the lion tattoo. She didn’t say Robin. Of course, it points toward Robin. But I actually think she thought her comment was clever and coy. I am sure she is aware that there is speculation about Emma’s tattoo. Even JMo said Emma’s tattoo will become important later on. Her answer can be perceived different ways, depending from what POV you come from. And I think that was her intent. I am sorry, but I think it’s a joke to believe that LP would (be allowed to) spoil her character’s true love. I think we won’t know who the true love is for Emma and Regina until the end of the show. I obviously believe that SQ will become canon in the end. But, I might be wrong and they will give them different true loves. Yet, I am convinced neither RH nor Hook will be the true loves of Regina and Emma.

Yes, sure, you could see the recasting of RH in such a manner. You could also think that they never planned to have him be her li, but then, when people started to ask for a li for Regina they came up with RH and slabbed a tattoo on his arm. And, I also think they use OQ as a plot device. Again, my perception and interpretation.

SM could have just said, thanks for watching, thanks for your support, or fingers crossed you’ll see me again. He didn’t have to retweet the fans messages Adam.

Regina gave him her heart knowing exactly who he is to her. She gave him heart knowing he is her second chance at love and happiness. She gave him her heart knowing she doesn’t always realize and appreciate what’s right in front of her. In other words, she wanted to give a piece of herself to her soulmate without allowing herself to be completely vulnerable with him by revealing the truth. Not only is it something Regina would do (especially considering that she wants to love and be loved) but it presents a beautiful setup to her having doubts (I totally think she will question whether or not she should have done so) and finally, to the reveal of Robin being her soulmate and giving her heart back to her. 

The scenes of Robin calling her “your majesty” was clearly a play on the FTL scene. I would not read more into that nor him “appearing out of nowhere,” lol. But even if he has an ulterior motive, that still doesn’t change the fact that the pixie dust honed in on him as Regina’s soulmate. So in the end, I think it’s obvious that they will end up together.

I don’t even know what to say about that lion tattoo theory, other than it’s very much a stretch to think she was referring to Emma. I mean, do you honestly think Emma has a lion tattoo or that the writers have not only written it into the story but that the actors are in on it as well? I’m sorry but that is a bit much for me to believe, to say the least. 

I also fail to see how OQ is a plot device…to what plot exactly? The plot where Robin will be revealed as working for the WW? Yeah, no…I don’t see it. Given Robin’s introduction as Regina’s love interest, I’d say they are invested in the pairing and in Robin. Pretty sure we will learn more about his lion tattoo as something meaningful to him and not just something they “slabbed” on his arm. 

As for SM, his tweets were lame because he didn’t say what you think he should have said? K. Makes sense. 


I need someone who
Sees the fire in my eyes and
wants to play with it.

My OTP! ♥ ♥ ♥